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Chaos Control is a game made during the Global Game Jam 2015, by a team of 3 Masters' level students at the Institute of Digital Games in Malta.

It is a simple platformer where the object of the game is to get to the end of a long level, but it is made more complicated since the controls are constantly changing. It makes for a hilarious, hectic party game for all kinds of players.

You will need a QWERTY keyboard in order to play, and includes an option to include two gamepads for added Chaos.

If you like our game, we want to hear from you! If you don't like our game, we want to hear from you anyway! You can get in touch with us through the links below. We welcome all suggestions and ideas, as Chaos Control is still in the conceptual stages. We won't be working on it much for the time being, but when we do, your contributions will be put to good use. Thanks!

Click here to visit Chaos Control's Game Jam page.

Click here to visit Chaos Control's Facebook page.

Web Player

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2 Player version (intended version)

1 Player version


Note: Chrome seems to mistakenly detect our super chaotic game as malware,
and blocks the download file outright.

We can assure you that the only malicious intent of our game is confusing the heck out of its players. If you have a Dropbox account, you may avoid Chrome deleting the file by transferring it via the alternate link provided, but if not, you may need to open the link in a different browser. Sorry for the inconvenience Chrome users, but unfortunately,
it's a little too cautious for our own good.

Download 2 Player version (intended version)

Download 1 Player version